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3002 Creek Court
3003 Creek Court
3015 Creek Court
3026 Creek Court
3038 Creek Court
3039 Creek Court
4761 Hill Court
4771 Hill Court
4781 Hill Court
4782 Hill Court
3000 Hillcrest Court
3001 Hillcrest Court
3010 Hillcrest Court
3011 Hillcrest Court
4835 Kings Valley Drive
4844 Kings Valley Drive
4849 Kings Valley Drive
4865 Kings Valley Drive
4875 Kings Valley Drive
4885 Kings Valley Drive
4894 Kings Valley Drive
4895 Kings Valley Drive
4905 Kings Valley Drive
4924 Kings Valley Drive
4850 Kingswood Drive
4851 Kingswood Drive
4860 Kingswood Drive
4861 Kingswood Drive
4865 Kingswood Drive
4870 Kingswood Drive
4880 Kingswood Drive
4881 Kingswood Drive
4890 Kingswood Drive
4891 Kingswood Drive
4901 Kingswood Drive
4910 Kingswood Drive
4911 Kingswood Drive
4921 Kingswood Drive
4931 Kingswood Drive
4942 Kingswood Drive
4954 Kingswood Drive
4955 Kingswood Drive
4966 Kingswood Drive
4977 Kingswood Drive
4978 Kingswood Drive
4989 Kingswood Drive
4990 Kingswood Drive
5001 Kingswood Drive
5002 Kingswood Drive
5013 Kingswood Drive
5014 Kingswood Drive
5018 Kingswood Drive
5022 Kingswood Drive
5025 Kingswood Drive
5026 Kingswood Drive
5030 Kingswood Drive
5034 Kingswood Drive
5042 Kingswood Drive
5043 Kingswood Drive
5047 Kingswood Drive
5050 Kingswood Drive
5051 Kingswood Drive
5054 Kingswood Drive
5055 Kingswood Drive
5058 Kingswood Drive
5059 Kingswood Drive
5062 Kingswood Drive
5063 Kingswood Drive
5066 Kingswood Drive
5067 Kingswood Drive
5070 Kingswood Drive
4933 Laurel Drive
4943 Laurel Drive
4952 Laurel Drive
4953 Laurel Drive
4963 Laurel Drive
4973 Laurel Drive
4982 Laurel Drive
4983 Laurel Drive
4992 Laurel Drive
4845 Laurel Spring Drive
4846 Laurel Spring Drive
4860 Laurel Spring Drive
4861 Laurel Spring Drive
4876 Laurel Spring Drive
4877 Laurel Spring Drive
4890 Laurel Spring Drive
4893 Laurel Spring Drive
4906 Laurel Spring Drive
4907 Laurel Spring Drive
4922 Laurel Spring Drive
4923 Laurel Spring Drive
4938 Laurel Spring Drive
4939 Laurel Spring Drive
4948 Laurel Spring Drive
4950 Laurel Spring Drive
4951 Laurel Spring Drive
4842 McPherson Drive
4843 McPherson Drive
4852 McPherson Drive
4853 McPherson Drive
4862 McPherson Drive
4872 McPherson Drive
4873 McPherson Drive
4882 McPherson Drive
4883 McPherson Drive
4894 McPherson Drive
4895 McPherson Drive
4907 McPherson Drive
4918 McPherson Drive
4922 McPherson Drive
4923 McPherson Drive
4928 McPherson Drive
4929 McPherson Drive
4935 McPherson Drive
4940 McPherson Drive
4941 McPherson Drive
4947 McPherson Drive
4960 McPherson Drive
4965 McPherson Drive
4971 McPherson Drive
4977 McPherson Drive
4990 McPherson Drive
4995 McPherson Drive
5000 McPherson Drive
5001 McPherson Drive
5010 McPherson Drive
5013 McPherson Drive
5020 McPherson Drive
4919 McPherson Drive 
3042 McPherson Rd
3062 McPherson Rd
3072 McPherson Rd
4731 McPherson Rd
4751 McPherson Rd
4761 McPherson Rd
4791 McPherson Rd
4801 McPherson Rd
4906 McPherson Rd
3002 McPherson Rd 
3052 McPherson Rd 
3127 Mountain Creek Circle
3128 Mountain Creek Circle
3012 Mountain Creek Court
3017 Mountain Creek Court
3024 Mountain Creek Court
3025 Mountain Creek Court
4463 Mountain Creek Drive
4465 Mountain Creek Drive
4466 Mountain Creek Drive
4471 Mountain Creek Drive
4475 Mountain Creek Drive
4476 Mountain Creek Drive
4488 Mountain Creek Drive
4489 Mountain Creek Drive
4495 Mountain Creek Drive
4500 Mountain Creek Drive
4501 Mountain Creek Drive
4506 Mountain Creek Drive
4507 Mountain Creek Drive
4512 Mountain Creek Drive
4518 Mountain Creek Drive
4524 Mountain Creek Drive
4536 Mountain Creek Drive
4551 Mountain Creek Drive
4553 Mountain Creek Drive
4560 Mountain Creek Drive
4565 Mountain Creek Drive
4566 Mountain Creek Drive
4571 Mountain Creek Drive
4578 Mountain Creek Drive
4584 Mountain Creek Drive
4588 Mountain Creek Drive
4592 Mountain Creek Drive
4594 Mountain Creek Drive
4596 Mountain Creek Drive
4597 Mountain Creek Drive
4598 Mountain Creek Drive
4599 Mountain Creek Drive
4600 Mountain Creek Drive
4603 Mountain Creek Drive
4604 Mountain Creek Drive
4605 Mountain Creek Drive
4606 Mountain Creek Drive
4607 Mountain Creek Drive
4608 Mountain Creek Drive
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4625 Mountain Creek Drive
4628 Mountain Creek Drive
4631 Mountain Creek Drive
4633 Mountain Creek Drive
4635 Mountain Creek Drive
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4637 Mountain Creek Drive
4638 Mountain Creek Drive
4639 Mountain Creek Drive
4640 Mountain Creek Drive
4642 Mountain Creek Drive
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4647 Mountain Creek Drive
4650 Mountain Creek Drive
4656 Mountain Creek Drive
4676 Mountain Creek Drive
4677 Mountain Creek Drive
4683 Mountain Creek Drive
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4689 Mountain Creek Drive
4690 Mountain Creek Drive
4696 Mountain Creek Drive
3091 Mountain Laurel Street
3101 Mountain Laurel Street
3111 Mountain Laurel Street
3120 Mountain Laurel Street
3131 Mountain Laurel Street
2950 Mountain Trace
2955 Mountain Trace
2960 Mountain Trace
2970 Mountain Trace
2973 Mountain Trace
2981 Mountain Trace
2991 Mountain Trace
3001 Mountain Trace
3010 Mountain Trace
3020 Mountain Trace
3021 Mountain Trace
3030 Mountain Trace
3031 Mountain Trace
3041 Mountain Trace
3050 Mountain Trace
3051 Mountain Trace
3060 Mountain Trace
3061 Mountain Trace
2977 Mountain Trace 
3021 Mountain Trace 
4512 Shallowford Rd
4524 Shallowford Rd
4560 Shallowford Rd
4650 Shallowford Rd
4714 Shallowford Rd
4513 Woodland Circle
4514 Woodland Circle
4523 Woodland Circle
4526 Woodland Circle
4531 Woodland Circle
4538 Woodland Circle
4550 Woodland Circle
4561 Woodland Circle
4562 Woodland Circle
4573 Woodland Circle
4574 Woodland Circle
4575 Woodland Circle
Mountain Creek History
     2022 is the 50th Anniversary of the forming of Mountain Creek Recreation Association (MCRA).  MCRA was originally formed by the developer of Mountain Creek, Jim King.  MCRA is incorporated in accordance with the Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act (”ACT”).  The Recreation Association that owned the pool, tennis courts, and playground in the Mountain Creek neighborhood was a voluntary member organization until September 1997. Prior to that date, the homeowner paid an initiation fee, and dues were paid each quarter.  If a member no longer wanted to belong, they could just stop paying the dues and leave MCRA.
     In 1996, there was a series of articles in the AJC concerning neighborhoods that had aging recreational facilities and were struggling to keep up with the required maintenance because of declining membership. Because of this, several neighborhoods had recreational facilities in such disrepair, they were an eyesore and had to be shut down. Home values in those neighborhoods fell as much as 20 to 30 percent.  
     The articles in the AJC were timely, because we were starting to experience declining membership here in Mountain Creek for many reasons. As our membership aged, the kids were moving away, people were buying boats, lake and/or mountain homes, and interest waned.
     From February thru June of 1997, recognizing the value the recreational facilities and common areas have on the value of our homes, and faced with declining membership and aging facilities, we realized that we could not survive without a permanent membership base and set in motion a plan to move from a voluntary to a permanent membership.
     At that time, the Recreation Association hired the law firm of Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco. This law firm had been instrumental in helping several neighborhood organizations move from a volunteer to a permanent/mandatory organization. Each homeowner in Mountain Creek was given an opportunity to join Mountain Creek Recreation Association, during this set membership period, without having to pay an initiation fee. Everyone wishing to join was required to sign the ‘Consent To A Declaration Of Additional Protective Covenants' on their property.
     This Covenant requires that not only they, but also any subsequent owner of the property, would be members of Mountain Creek Recreation Association and, as such, would be required to pay the annual dues. These Additional Protective Covenants were recorded, in Cross-Ref: Book 10645, Pages 21 - 460, Cobb County, Georgia Records, in September 1997.
     Those of us that were here in 1996/1997, when this all took place, view our recreational facilities as a major contributor to the value of our homes. That means every homeowner in Mountain Creek benefits from our recreational facilities, even while some contribute nothing. It is not unusual for non-member homeowners, which have contributed nothing to the upkeep of our recreational facilities, to put great emphasis on these same facilities when they sell their home here in Mountain Creek, i.e. “Active Swim & Tennis Community” in their real estate listings.
     It is the Board policy to offer only permanent memberships for current non-member Mountain Creek homes with a goal of one day having 100% permanent/mandatory membership.  There has been recent interest in voluntary membership which is permitted by the Declaration at the sole discretion of the Board. However, this would be a membership where the homeowner would not have to sign the ‘Consent to a Declaration of additional Protective Covenants’ on their property and could quit at any time. The Board feels that since every homeowner benefits from the Recreation Association, that every home should be a permanent/mandatory member. It would not be fair to our homeowners that have signed the Covenant and obligated themselves to invest in their community to allow homeowners that have no secured interest to use the facilities.  Over the years it has become clear that having a permanent membership has ensured the continued operations and maintenance of our facilities.  Of the 344 homes in our neighborhood, 210 joined during the initial signup period, and we currently have 258 member homes which have agreed to the ‘Covenant’ on their property.  In addition to the “permanent members,” at the will of the MCRA board, it has been decided that a limited number of non-resident members will be accepted each year.  These non-resident members have complete use of our facilities and pay the same dues as the permanent members. 
     Although 2022 is MCRA’s 50th Anniversary, the tireless work of all this and all previous boards, who have all attempted to maintain and update our facilities for the enjoyment of our members in the most budget conscious manner possible.  The MCRA board has always been comprised of members who have donated their time and skills to their neighbors and neighborhood.  It is this sense of community that has set MCRA and Mountain Creek apart from all the surrounding East Cobb neighborhoods.

Non-Resident Memberships are available for $450.00 per year.
What do you get for your $450.00?
    - One of Cobb County’s largest, if not ‘the’ largest private swimming pools, 
       complete with swim team, party pavilion, gas grills, horseshoe pits
    - Four lighted tennis courts
    - A well maintained playground
    - Attractive and well maintained facilities and landscaping
    - Extremely active social calendar with top-notch parties and entertainment nearly year-round.
For additional information send an email to membership@creekers.net.

To Join send the following to membership@creekers.net.
     Phone number:
     Email Address:
     Children Names & Birth Dates:
In addition send a check, made out to “MCRA”, for $450.00 to:
     Mountain Creek Recreation Association
     3162 Johnson Ferry Road
     Suite 260-501
     Marietta, Ga. 30062-7600