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Website Introduction
Posted on Sep 11th, 2022
We should be ready for the official launch of the new website. Many of you have already registered during the soft launch phase. Once this is official some things will start changing. Some immediately and some over time.
1. MailChimp will be decommissioned and replaced by the blast email tool within the website.
2. Evite will be decommissioned and replaced by the invitation management tool within the website.
3. Share Timetable for tennis reservations has already been decommissioned.
4. The newsletter will be much shorter and will contain only items that are truly news. We are transitioning much of the info we repeat month after month in the newsletter to the website, where it has always belonged.

Upcoming Events

Coming Events
Tuesday, August 16th to Friday, September 30th
Social:  Other Activities
Last Friday of the Month Adult Social
The next last Friday of the month BYOB social will be on September 30th. 7:00-10:00
Halloween event for children: October 31st
Women's Club
Wednesday, Sept 14
7 pm
Pool Pavilion
Note: As we have done in the past, we will be collecting donations for the Sandwich Project during this meeting. 
This is for our upcoming meeting for the Women's Club.
I spoke to the sandwich project and they're trying to streamline their pantry collection. So here are the preferences:
* Fruit cups,  mandarin cups 
* Nutrigrain Protein Bars
* Nature Valley Protein Bar
* Raisins
* Cliff bars
* Kind Bars
* Fruit Bars
* Protein Bars
* Peanut Cheese Crackers
* Lance Cheese Crackers

Rules and Policies


(a) Players must wear Tennis Shoes. Basketball, jogging, or other types of athletic shoes are not acceptable. No dark soled shoes are permitted on the tennis courts.
(b) “Cover-ups” for ladies and shirts for men must be worn.
(c) No food or glass containers are allowed on the courts.
(d) Players should not walk behind or onto the playing surface of another court while a point is in play. All players should be familiar with basic tennis etiquette.
(e) Profanity and loudness will not be tolerated.
(f) Only players are allowed on the courts. No children and/or spectators.
(g) No pets are allowed on the courts.
(h) NO skateboards, roller blades, skates, or bicycles are permitted on the courts. The courts are for tennis/pickleball purposes only.
(i) When courts are not in use, all gates should be closed. Lights are to be turned off at the end of play.
(j) All trash should be removed from the courts and surrounding areas.

(a) Playing time will be from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
(b) ALTA matches take precedence over all other use. Rainout matches also take precedence. If the courts are previously reserved, please notify the Members their courts must be taken for an ALTA match.

(a) Tennis members must participate when a guest is playing.
(b) Guests must reside outside of Mountain Creek, Oak Chase, and Childers Ridge.
(a) To ensure best court availability for all members, each member family is limited to two (2)
reservations per week.
(b) Sign-up begins at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday of each week.
(c) Reservations shall be on the hour and for one hour duration.
(d) Playing age children (10 years and under) may use any of their families’ two (2) weekly
reservations, except after 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, Monday through Friday.
(e) A “no-show” will be counted as one of the families’ two (2) reserved times.
(f) A reserved court shall be considered an open court after ten (10) minutes after the
scheduled start in the event of a no-show.
(g) One person may occupy a reserved court for solo practice.
member family. Spouse and their playing aged children may make reservations for each other.
(i) Only one court on Lakeside and one court on Poolside may be reserved.

(a) The Poolside court closest to the pool and the Lakeside court closest to the street are
designated as open tennis courts except for MCRA tournaments, ALTA matches and ALTA
practices. Playing time for the open courts is allotted to one hour when other players are
(b) One player may hold a court for 10 minutes.
(c) A single player must relinquish the court to multiple players after 30 minutes of practice.
(d) Children (10 years and under) may be bumped by an adult after 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.

(a) Reserved courts for team practices and/or lessons must be reserved in the name of one of the team MCRA members.
(b) All persons on ALTA rosters must be in good standing paid MCRA members.
(c) Non-resident team members are required to pay a fee, set by the Board, per season.
(a) Both poolside courts are available for pickleball
(b) ALTA matches take precedent over all other use.
(c) All non-members are required to pay an annual fee, set by the board.

(a) Anyone NOT wearing tennis shoes on the courts will lose his tennis privileges for 2 weeks on the first offense and for 4 weeks on the second offense.
(b) Flagrant violations of rules (at the discretion of the Board) could result in the loss of family privileges for 1 month.