Pool Information

It's been a great Summer, enjoy the time left!
The last day of the 2022 pool season will be Sunday, September 18th. This was previously communicated as Sunday, September 11th. There will be no lifeguards for the rest of the season. The new diving board is installed. After the pool closes the pavilion will still be available for rentals or casual first come first served use. Weekdays during daylight hours only. Friday through Sunday until 10:00PM. If you would like to use it outside of these hours, please contact vp@creekers.net.
One gate card will be distributed per member household. Extra cards at $10.00 each. If you want a fob for your key chain the price is $15.00. 
• Horseshoes remain a popular Creeker activity.
• We will be improving our swim at your own risk signage.
• We are looking into a more rugged cornhole setup as the one we have is consumer grade and can’t handle the wear and tear we inflict on it.
• No smoking or vaping inside the fence. This includes the upper deck.
• 6 guests at a time per household member.
• Head lifeguard Jessica and her team has been great.
• Lifeguards are not babysitters. They need to be watching people in the pool. Not dealing with children who aren’t in the pool.
• Running – NO, Never
• Dive Blocks, Keep Off
• Diving Board - 1 person at a time, no sitting during breaks
• Ropes - Keep kids off rope, they come unanchored!
• Baby Pool No floats, 4 & under only at all times
• Non Potty Trained Children must wear swim pull-ups with Rubber pants over – there is a supply of rubber pants in guard room if needed
• No Floats with glitter allowed!!! If they pop we can have serious pump issues!
• No Glass containers (glasses, bottles, etc) in pool or on pool deck
• Adult Swim 3 yrs and younger with adult, no older children. No sitting on steps. Kids must be completely out of the pool. No sitting on the diving board or hanging on the ladders.
Pavilion Rentals and Pool Parties: If you’re interested in renting the pavilion or having a pool party, please contact pool@creekers.net. There are fees to pay,
forms to fill out, etc. It’s nothing overly onerous, but we want everybody to be on the same page.
Senior Water Aerobics:
Senior water aerobics classes start Sunday, June 19 at 8:30 a.m. at the pool and will continue for the remainder of the pool season. Each 1-hour session is $5.00 cash. Please bring a pool noodle. For more information, contact Mary Beth Willson at 770-363-6786 or by email at: mbwillson@hotmail.com